About US

Over 19 Adult Shop Lingerie is an online lingerie store that is owned by Over 19 Adult Shop which is located in Garden City, Idaho.  Garden City, which was named for gardens raised by Chinese immigrants who once lived in the area, is nearly surrounded by the city of Boise.


Over 19 Adult Shop was established in 1975 and has been located at 4109 W. Chinden Blvd in Garden City from the start.  (By the way, "Chinden" is a morph of Chinese Garden.)


The problem with our location is that we simply do not have the space that we need to bring our customers a complete line of lingerie, costumes, club wear, packaged hosiery, and leather merchandise.  We thought about moving to a larger location, perhaps a strip mall, but we did not want to pass on pricey mall overhead costs to our customers.   


Then we started to think outside the box.  Outside the "box store" that is!  Why not start an online store exclusively for lingerie, we thought.  Without the overhead costs and franchising fees, we felt we could offer our customers a larger selection of quality merchandise and at lower prices than anyone in the Boise Metropolitan Area. 


And that is how Over 19 Adult Shop Lingerie came into existence.

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